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Your Wisdom Teeth Specialist for Sydney and Newcastle

Our wisdom teeth practitioners are dual medical & dental practitioners. Some have been taking wisdom teeth out of patients for 25 years, & in specialist centres world-wide.

Because our specialists are doctors, Medicare will entirely pay for your specialist consultation and x-rays (post referral). Medical insurance also pays for hospital and theatre costs. Even additional surgery like jaw cysts, bone grafts or treatment of infection can be paid for by a combination of private insurance and Medicare.

The only thing Medicare won't help with is the actual cost of wisdom teeth surgery. But because we are efficient and treat large numbers of wisdom teeth patients, we want to offer your 4 x wisdom teeth

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surgery for a total cost of $1,995 (by a specialist). Terms apply, and you need to read this website to understand the full terms and conditions of this offer.

Out-of-town? Email us your digital OPG (dental x-ray) for a confidential opinion

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